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We lost the young, hilarious, say-it-like-it-is, incredibly musical bass playing/singer, Ben Rougeou last night. He was surrounded by family and friends and passed away just before we went on stage at The Buffalo Gap. But I was happy to see that they still had one of our posters on the ceiling so I could point him out as we dedicated Shoes to Fill to him. Although that was the only song on our album in which his bass part was recorded, Ben's ideas and creativity played a strong role on the entire album. Ben's life was short but full of music, laughter and gentle kindness. We will miss you, Ben! Here are some of our favorite pictures with him. 

Stoneface Honey in 2014 with the little pink pig at Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon

Ben Rougeou, bass player, originally from Louisiana now living in Portland, Oregon, in a photoshoot with Stoneface Honey.

Stoneface Honey post performance at the Alberta Rose Theatre

Ben Rougeou recording with Stoneface Honey in April, 2014

Stoneface Honey at the Waypost in Portland, Oregon, 2015

Stoneface Honey in 2014 at Cathedral Park

Happy New Year from Stoneface Honey!

We hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. We celebrated together by recording a cover of This is the New Year by Ian Alex and Chad King of A Great Big World. This was the first night that we all sang the song together and by the time we popped our champagne and readied the selfie stick, we had 40 minutes before the end of 2016. 


Now that we've released our 2016 album, Long Time Waiting, we're preparing to release the single, Help Me, later this month. You can hear it live at one of our shows and watch for the announcement at our LIVE Friday show with KPSU on January 27th. 

January 21, 9pm: Stoneface Honey in the Attic at The Buffalo Gap
January 22, 2pm: Angie & Kate will play a few songs at the Benefit Concert featuring Michael Allen Harrison
January 27, 5pm: LIVE Friday broadcast at KPSU

May you all have a wonderful 2017! 

With musical love,
Kate H, Kate A, Angie K, Shirley J, Dan J

One of my friends uses T minus all the time and I decided to do some research before I shouted out something ridiculous online. My favorite definition came from urban dictionary
You can get updates on our Facebook Event Page.
The phrase is an exclamation marking the event that the user needs to take a massive dump, often one that is minutes or even less to where shit hits the fan, quite aptly.

It's origin stems from the "T minus ____ seconds/minutes/hours etc.." announced for important events, such as New Year's ball dropping, bombs going off, or in this case a shit-storm.

When T Minus is yelled, followed by a time for more accuracy, it is imperative to get him/her to the nearest restroom or else all hell will break loose, or just their bowels perhaps.
John: "Shiiiiiit, T Minus! That Chipotle definitely ain't sittin' well." 
Frank: "DRIVE FASTER MATT! We can make it to that 7-11's bathroom in time!" 
Matt: "Man, they're gonna need a new toilet soon." 
John: "I... can't breathe.. Frank.. if I don't make it, tell my family how I died.." 
Matt: "You're gonna be OK! Stay with us!"

Stoneface Honey CD Release Party on November 4th at The Secret Society. Music starts at 9pm. Stoneface Honey plays at 10pm. $8

It's stormy out there! But we're Oregonians, right? Throw on your raincoat and boots and join us tonight at The Atlantis Lounge inside Mississippi Pizza for some live and local music tonight. The Outlook is releasing their new CD tonight after opening acts by Cotton & Stoneface Honey.Poster for The Outcome's CD Release party on Saturday, October 15th at The Atlantis Lounge inside Mississippi Pizza. Music starts at 9pm.


November 4th: CD Release at The Secret Society
October gigs:
10/5 at The Analog Cafe
10/7 at The Buffalo Gap
10/15 at The Atlantis Lounge
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Stoneface Honey's CD Release Party is schedule for November 4th at The Secret Societyin NE Portland.

Meanwhile, we'd love to see you this month at one of our shows. 

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

The Analog
Trapdoor Social, Stoneface Honey & Shannon Entropy - 7pm
720 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214

Trapdoor Social at 7pm

Stoneface Honey at 8pm

Shannon Entropy at 9pm

Friday, October 7th, 2016

The Buffalo Gap
Gapfest - 6-8pm
6835 SW Macadam Ave
Portland, OR 97219
We'll be playing downstairs from 6-8pm during dinner.

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

Atlantis Lounge in Mississippi Pizza
CD Release for The Outcome - 9pm
3552 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR 97227

Cotton plays at 9pm

Stoneface Honey plays at 10pm

The Outcome plays at 11pm

Friday, November 4th, 2016

The Secret Society
CD Release Party! - 9pm
116 NE Russell St
Portland, OR 97212
Price: $8



PATINA at 11pm


Check out  on WERA-LP 96.7 tonight 7:30-9pm Pacific time. You can check them out online at Rumor has it that they're playing a sneak preview of one of our new songs, Beguiled. Thank you, Song Po Radio!




Stoneface Honey

Featured Show




We can't wait to see you on Saturday night at The Buffalo Gap. Josephine Relli kicks off at 9pm and Stoneface Honey plays at 10pm. For our fans who don't live in the Portland area, we're streaming through concert window. Be sure to shout out if you're streaming!

Portland, OR
Saturday @9:00pm

Whenever possible, the voices of Stoneface Honey get together to hone in on harmonies. Last night, Kate A. hosted and I brought my brand new, ridiculously adorable puppy, Arthur. He is an 8 week old 1/2 Pyrenees, 1/2 Anatolian who will soon grow larger than our beautiful Sophie. Arthur the cutest puppy ever meets his new older sister, Sophie.

So here's our attempt to record a video while looking out upon a beautiful view and an adorable puppy doing things like falling asleep with his head on the edge of his water bowl. 


Kate Harris, Angie Kopshy and Kate Austin covering Royals by Lorde.

For those of you who've had a chance to see us live, you may have noticed some extra talent on stage. We would like to formally introduce you to the new faces of Stoneface Honey.


The new faces of Stoneface Honey



We have Andrew Shepard on the bass, Kate Harris on back-up vocals, Angie Kopshy on keys and vocals, Kate Austin on vocals, Shirley Johnson on drums and Dan Johnson on guitars. Come meet everyone at our next gig on August 6th at The Buffalo Gap!

Where is Ferris Wheel?

After recording the entire band with our special guests, Jillian, Sage & Sam...

Kate & Angie retouched the vocals...

Then we added Jeff (with his game face) on the organ...

And now we finish mixing before mastering and releasing Ferris Wheel...

Thank you for your patience. We can't wait to share!

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