Stoneface Honey

My Troubled World

by Angie Kopshy

Released 2008
Released 2008
Before Stoneface Honey came into existence, Angie Kopshy released her debut album: My Troubled World. This acoustic folk-pop mix combines piano, guitar and violin that exudes Tori Amos meets Jewel.
When Angie Kopshy was born, her parents took one look at her fingers and determined that she would be a pianist. Fortunately, she took to the piano immediately and songwriting seemed to come naturally. Upon completion of her Master's in Music from Boise State University, Kopshy returned to the rainy city of Portland, Oregon, where she began to perform and record while completing a Music Therapy board certification program. Her songwriting combines her classical background with influences from artists such as Tori Amos and Fiona Apple. Her voice has been compared to those of Lisa Loeb and Jewel. Kopshy collaborates with Erin Hade, a violinist and vocalist, on this album. She also rallied the brilliance of guitarists Robb Stangland and Clay McCaslin in some of her songs while a few are simply Angie Kopshy going back to her roots: singing while accompanying herself on the piano.