so this is cancer

I've had a year. Hypothyroidism, 2 miscarriages and now a breast cancer diagnosis. The treatment plan is in motion and I'll happily receive your love, energy, and support while on this journey. Thank you to all the friends and family for the support you've already provided.   

1. Freeze Eggs ☑️

2. Get a port  ☑️

3. Start my year of chemo  ☑️

4. July 29th gig in Portland

5. Surgery - maybe August?

6. Radiation

7. Stoneface Honey Songwriting Retreat in Bali with Kate in September

8. Fertilize my eggs and transfer some embryos 👶🏻

9. Celebrate 

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February 14, 2020

Calling all Stoneface Honey fans!  

New music alert! Star March 15th in your calendars! Our newest release, Never Giving Up, is both the title track and our song for a cause. This song was written by Angie to support Portland's Shriners Hospital. Our release date is also the day that Angie's mom, Holly, is installed as Queen of the Portland-Wilsonville chapter of Daughters of the Nile. Not only does this passionate group of women volunteer at birthday and sewing parties at the hospital, but spend the entire year raising money through a variety of projects. Their 2019 financial contribution was $25,890.70. Stoneface Honey is hoping to help double that contribution this year.  

If you buy our song online through iTunes, Amazon or any of the usual platforms, all of the proceeds go to this cause. If you purchase the entire album, 70% of those proceeds go to the cause. So, we need your help! On March 15th, when we release the album, please help us spread the word! All those $0.99 purchases can really add up. 


More exciting news, we recently recorded two covers that will appear on the album (and released one on YouTube; check out Revolving Door). Not only that, today we heard the first edit of the new version of our song, Breathing. THIS is the song that originally brought the "Angie & Kate duo" together and we cannot wait to share our 2020 version! We're also adding the 7 songs from our 2018 project, Resolved to the Mutual Satisfaction of Both Parties. 

Nobody's Listening 

This album was written while I was in the middle of a lawsuit. When I wrote Nobody's Listening, it was the fantasy ending that made me feel better and helped me sleep at night. I love to unveil the truth. When someone from the news was buzzing at our gate with questions about the lawsuit, it was really hard for me to send them away. I was reminded on a regular basis to be careful with my words and not say too much. I felt so stifled and impotent. By the time it was over, I had a newfound appreciation for…

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Multnomah County Library's Music Collection 

Thank you, Multnomah County Library! We're excited and delighted to share our music with Portland. - stoneface honey

Long Time Waiting is available at and itunes.

here's a fun fact about stoneface honey's relationship with multnomah county library: we filmed beguiled in the hillsdale branch. :)

My Land (the #shithole) 

The acoustic version of My Land because sometimes #shithole country-inspired songs just can't wait. And no, Sofia wasn't an official Russian Warrior Princess that I know of, but she was BAD ASS! For Christmas, my grandpa shared some stories about his parents. Sofia was kicked by a horse and had a steel plate in her head, she fought off a pack of wolves with firewood, her parents died when she was three and she was in the care of the town "mayor." When she heard they were going to amputate after a leg…

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The story of Snow 

Snow is one of the songs Kate and I performed earlier this month. We weren't planning to perform the song, but one of the audience members requested it. I wrote this song (literally dreamt this song with a full CSI episode, which NEVER happens) when I was in the middle of a research paper for a psychology class on Personality Disorders. I had completely enmeshed myself in anything related to The Bosnian War that stretched from 1992 and 1995. I'd read articles and books and watched In the Land of Blood and…

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Happy Holidays! Let the Christmas songs begin... 

So Angie Kopshy completed her move to Montana, but the transition of Stoneface Honey is still being perfected. Kate & Angie had the chance to perform a few songs together earlier this month and we look forward to sharing little snippets as we head into Christmas. Meanwhile, here's Angie's favorite arrangements of Children Go Where I Send Thee/Go Tell it on the Mountain. 

A sneak peek at The Green Grass of Heaven 

Once upon time…

in the year 2015, Princess Sophie was tending to a plant in her family's lush garden. She heard gentle footsteps approaching and looked up to see her mother’s silhouette against the bright midday sun.      

“Arise, my daughter,” the queen commanded as she stretched out her hands. “I have news from the West.” Sophie stood and held tightly to her mother’s hands as a cool breeze blew the blond ringlets away from the queen’s intense blue eyes. “You will leave tomorrow for the land of…

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This Land Was Made for You and Me 

Happy 4th of July, everyone. Enjoy this day wherever you are in this beautiful world. These are the lyrics to one of our new songs. We finally get to share this live on Friday and we can't wait! When I wrote this, I was afraid it might be obsolete by the time we were able to share it. Unfortunately, this song still resonates with me every day. Here's to the hope that there may come a day when these lyrics are ancient history!


My Land by Stoneface Honey Watch where you're walking, you might step on a …Read more

Statement regarding the Federal Racketeering lawsuit filed by our equestrian attorney neighbor 

I am Angie Kopshy of Stoneface Honey and live on Good Neighbor Farms with my fiancé, Jeff Simonson. This is our official statement regarding the lawsuit filed against us and many others by our neighbors. Zach Harris published information about it in Merry Jane.

"We are attempting to reach an amicable settlement of the case filed against us and others by the McCarts in federal court alleging RICO liability. If we are unable to settle the case, we intend to dispute the claims and allegations stated in the…

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My Land 

I just returned from a road trip to Colorado with my business partner, Kate. We were there for our annual regional music therapy conference where we decided upon our next round of brilliant music therapy interns, I presented on reimbursement and was the humble recipient of an awesome award from the Western Region of the American Music Therapy Association. We traveled through many, many beautiful states, but were elated to return to the beautiful state of Oregon.

In the same way in which we are pioneers of…

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Chemo Session #2

I didn't sleep well last night. I was too anxious about another chemo session, but we're halfway through Phase 1 of Chemo. Then Phase 2 is 12 weeks. Then surgery. Then radiation and resume chemo until about May 2023.

My hair started falling out yesterday - 14 days after my first chemo session.

I have not vomited. I have 2 different anti-nausea prescriptions just in case. I still have working tastebuds. 

I'm fatigued and heavy like gravity is smashing me into the couch. 

I'm grateful for friends, family, nature, music, animals and RSO.