Music therapists use music to achieve non-musical goals”
Songs For Kids on the Autism Spectrum in Spanish

Yes, Angie Kopshy, MM, MT-BC,  is a music therapist.

The Global Music Therapy Project is directed by board-certified music therapist, Angie Kopshy. Upon completion of her Master’s in Music from Boise State University, Angie returned to Portland to study music therapy at Marylhurst University. Before moving to Montana, her work included a private practice that incorporated neurologic music therapy techniques, the supervision of practicum students and interns, and a teaching position at Pacific University. 

Angie and colleague, Marie Miller, collaborated in 2015 to create a video series that accompanied group sessions. This series, Music Therapy Outreach Series,  can be found here.

In 2017, Angie collaborated with colleagues, Catherine Harris and Jo Alexis Bronstein Mishaga, to create Songs for Kids on the Autism Spectrum. This CD was written by a team specializing in children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, this music was created to address non-musical goals like anxiety reduction, motor movement, social engagement, speech and cognitive functioning.

In 2024, Angie collaborated with Carlos Xavier Oyarvide Coba, to record Canciones Para Nińos Dentro Del Espectro Autismo. Carlos is a musician in Ecuador who attended a week-long workshop in 2015 in Guayaquil facilitated by The Global Music Therapy Project. Carlos translated all 16 songs from Songs For Kids on the Autism Spectrum and is heading a team who is recording and producing these songs in Spanish.