Stoneface Honey: 'Beguiled' [Video Premiere] Full of personal stories "about how we relate to one another," Stoneface Honey radiates "pure, simple love fighting to stay alive in a world full of judgment" on the lead single from their new record, which you can get at the record release show at The Secret Society on November 4 as part of this year's Siren Nation fest. by Chris Young October 31, 2016 12:00pm 'Beguiled' is about forbidden love, inspired by my love for an amazing woman and my inability to commit to a relationship with her because I wasn't ready to deal with the social stigma that comes with holding another woman's hand in public. This song is my contribution to the gay rights movement,” explains Angie Kopshy, singer and leader of Portland-based roots rock four-piece Stoneface Honey. As the song was quickly becoming the lead single to her band's new record Long Time Waiting, "I went to Uganda with 'Beguiled' stuck in my head," Kopshy describes. "While there, I met a wonderful, incredibly sensitive young man. He asked how we, the U.S., could call ourselves Christians when we allowed homosexuals to get married. I could see how sincere he was and knew that he didn't mean to offend anyone. The issue was complicated by religion for him in a way that I couldn't even fathom, but most importantly, it broke my heart. We were still celebrating #lovewins and same-sex marriage and he simply couldn't understand. This video is my response. Pure, simple love fighting to stay alive in a world full of judgment.” With Kopshy providing keys and vocals, “Beguiled” also features bandmates Shirley Johnson on drums, Dan Johnson on guitar, and Kate Austin on backup vocals, plus additional support from Jeff Simonson on organ and Sam Hallam on bass. Watch the video for "Beguiled" below and then celebrate the release of 'Long Time Waiting' with Stoneface Honey at The Secret Society on Friday, November 4 as part of the 10th annual Siren Nation Music and Arts Festival. ” - Chris Young

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Portland based roots-rock / indie-pop band Stoneface Honey is on the Come Up – New Artist Discovery Stoneface Honey is a Portland based roots-rock / indie-pop band led by singer Angie Kopshy Stoneface Honey’s music features a duo of female vocal harmonies backed by organ, synth, guitar, electric bass, drums, cello, clarinet and violin. After a successful kickstarter campaign, Stoneface Honey began recording their latest album Long Time Waiting with producer/engineer Charles Neal of Hip Stew Studios. Dana White at Specialized Mastering handled the album’s finishing touches. Long Time Waiting will debut on CD Baby plus all major streaming and download retailers November 4th while the band will celebrate the album’s release the same night with a live show at 10pm at The Secret Society, a 1907 Victorian-era hall come live music venue in Portland, Oregon. CDs of the album will be available for purchase at the event for 10 dollars. “When conceptualizing this album, I embraced my band’s individual talents and collective strength rather than creating everything myself. The songs are a blend of their creativity and my perspective,” shares Angie Kopshy. “Every song on this album is personal to someone, to me, to the band. I know each listener has their own journey and perspective as well. This album is all about how we relate to one another.” Frontwoman Angie Kopshy is the founder and director of Music Therapy Services of Portland. She holds a Master in Music from Boise State University with additional training in both neurologic music therapy and autism. Kopshy’s music therapy practice focuses on children living along the autism spectrum. She educates both the local and international community on the positive effects of music therapy in treating the physical, mental, social and emotional conditions related to child autism. Kopshy’s initiatives have reached children in the U.S., Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Uganda. Kopshy is also co-founder of The Global Music Therapy Project, a collective that travels internationally to educate people on the benefits of music therapy. The GMTP plans to release a documentary along with the creation of multiple music therapy centers around the globe. Kopshy also has a decades-long collection of songs, poems and short stories available for sale on Amazon. Stream Stoneface Honey’s first single Beguiled off of Long Time Waiting”

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Stoneface Honey, an Indie band based in Portland, Oregon, is preparing to release their first album, Breathing.The band is led by classically trained, Angie Kopshy, who has a voice and style that has been compared to the likes of Adele and Tori Amos. Kopshy released My Troubled World in 2008 as a solo project before launching the collaborative effort that became Breathing. Kopshy wrote all the music and songs and when the collection was enough music for another album, she approached Hip Stew Studios, a recording studio with an incredible piano and the ability to season any piece of music with a pinch of jazz. Kopshy says, “The album is all over the map - a direct reflection of me and my life.” Pop, jazz and classical influences are hinted throughout the album. When the studio had enough for a rough cut of the album, a campaign to find the perfect blend of musicians for the revival of Stoneface Honey was launched.One of the band’s favorite songs is Stifled. “Stifled is actually a remake from my last album, so I wrote the song about six years ago. A lot of my songs fade away as new material arises, but this song kept coming back. And although the song was inspired by a really old relationship, the content still feels relevant a lot of the time. So I asked Hip Stew Studios to put some sort of twist on it and I love what they did.”Another frequently requested tune, Breathing On My Own, was inspired by the sounds of Citizen Cope and Yael Naim. The huge chords in this song help to exude an impressionistic aura that sets the stage for the imagistic lyrics and cascading vocals. Although the musician make-up of Stoneface Honey is new, the stage at Sellwood Public House will be full of seasoned and experienced musicians who have worked diligently to weave their talent and passion together in order to present a refreshing, crisp sound perfect for a Portland November night.” - Angie Kopshy

Stoneface Honey to release its second CD Music — Writing songs provides outlet for neurologic therapist and NHS grad Angie Kopshy By: Tyler Francke   Published: 11/6/2012 3:01:45 PM At it again —Angie Kopshy, a Newberg High School grad and current Portland resident, is preparing to release a new album later this month — the second of her music career.    One’s art can sometimes provide a clear reflection of the artist who created it, but not always. For example, when Newberg High School graduate Angie Kopshy’s friends first listen to her music, they often think she must be battling deep depression — which couldn’t be farther from the truth.   “When my first album came out (in 2008), there were some people who were worried about me,” Kopshy said with a laugh, adding that, “I’m a happy person with a beautiful life.”   So why, then, are most of her songs — like “Run,” which centers on a battered woman who suffers from drug abuse, or “Love Me,” written from the perspective of a kidnapper — so dark and negative? And why did, according to her, listeners of her first album, “My Troubled World,” use words like “sad,” “heartbreaking” and “tragic” to describe it?    To hear Kopshy explain it, writing sad songs is one of the reasons she is able to be so happy. After all, she isn’t just a musician, she’s a neurologic music therapist, which can be stressful, heartbreaking work. And writing songs is how she unburdens herself.   “The emotional stuff I take home, I have to get it out of my system,” she said.   And for Kopshy, who was given her first piano at age 4, writing and playing music was the most natural way for her to make sense of the difficult things she encountered in her profession and in her personal life.   “Music has been in my life forever, so it’s what I know how to use as an outlet,” she said. “Ultimately, I don’t feel like I have a choice. I have to write. It’s my therapy.”   Of course, she was writing songs long before she was a licensed therapist. She said she and fellow 1993 NHS grad Amy Livingston would sing her tunes together during free time after choir practice.    Livingston moved out of the area after the two graduated, but returned to Portland in time for them to collaborate on Kopshy’s second album, “Breathing,” which will be released Nov. 17 at Sellwood Public House in Portland.    “It’s awesome. I’ve been waiting for her,” Kopshy said of the reunion. “It feels sort of like we came full circle — now we get to do this thing we always fantasized about doing.”   Livingston has joined Kopshy’s band, Stoneface Honey, which also includes Portland-area musicians Cody Ferdinand on guitar, Jared Lackey on bass and Chris Matthews on drums. The indie group will be playing a few local shows a month in promotion of the new album, with a possible tour in the works sometime in the future.   The group recorded “Breathing” at Hip Stew Studios in Portland. Kopshy gives the studio a lot of credit for focusing and fine-tuning her songs.   “Although I was really excited for my new work, my songs felt like (American singer-songwriter) Tori Amos and (French composer) Claude Debussy making love on an old grand piano,” she said. “I needed to break out of my genre, and the guys at Hip Stew made it happen.”   After the official release, “Breathing” will be available on iTunes, Amazon and from other music vendors. For more information, visit www.stoneface or the band’s page on ReverbNation.” - Tyler Fancke

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